Wooden Blinds


The beauty of nature in an elegant classic. Our collection contains several types of wood and therefore always a match for your interior. Wooden Blinds consist of beautiful hardwood and imitation wood for a beautiful look and high durability. A highlight, the window covering is also available with the smart control system Powerview Motarisation.

3 Highlights of wooden blinds

  1. Choice of ladder cord or ladder strap in 10, 25 or 38 mm.
  2. Multiple types of wood: Bamboo, Walnut, Oak, Abachi wood, Basswood or Foamwood
  3. Suitable for damp areas such as bathrooms or kitchens


Wooden Blinds are available in different widths, so you can choose the perfect design. Wide blades of 70 mm. are suitable for panoramic views from large windows. Also consider bamboo blinds. Bamboo is not only beautiful but also ecologically sound. It grows quickly and can be replanted again and again. Bamboo is strong and light, so you can easily pull up the blinds.


An entirely different type of wooden window decoration is the sunway Woodweave Blinds, a wooden pull-up curtain. Woodweave are very decorative and available in three weave structures and two models. A model that rolls up like a roller blind or folds into segments like a roman blind. The Wooden Blinds of Jasno are available with privacy version. This provides extra darkening, more privacy and a sleek look. Each slat is custom made, especially for your home.