Have you been dreaming of the perfect interior for years? Shutters are then the ideal sun protection for indoors to regulate light and privacy, for example to keep out a low sun. You can tilt the slats and put them in any desired position. You can open the panels completely for those who want extra light. This way you can control the sunlight in one movement.

3 Shutter highlights

  1. Quality product that will last for years and is easy to maintain
  2. Particularly functional and stylish
  3. Tailor-made for special window shapes; round, angled and tilt and turn windows


The classic Shutters are made of wood, but today the most beautiful Shutters are also made of moisture-resistant plastic. The splash-proof Shutters are moisture-resistant and fit perfectly with your bathroom. Not only when you sink into a nice warm bath, but also when the kids have a water fight and the Shutters are unintentionally part of the battle scene. After all, a house is there to be lived in.

children play behind senft shutters
shutters in your dining area


Shutters give you the feeling of ultimate luxury. Beautiful, practical and easy. They give you a satisfied and calming feeling when you come home after a long day. In addition, Shutters are available in 5 different slat sizes and can be operated with a vertical control stick or a hidden control. The Shutters are always custom made, so that they fit perfectly for your type of window. The beautiful Shutters embellish every window in your interior.


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