Shutters, added value for your home
Shutters, added value for your home

The versatility of shutters

You can go in many directions with shutters. They are ideally suited for turn-tilt windows, skylights, conservatories, bay windows and windows with different shapes and sizes. They can be made completely suitable for, among other things, round and angled or semi-circular windows. The special shape of the window remains visible in this way and the light is still kept out.

Shutters are all about wood. Ours are out two types of ecologically sound wood made. One of these is a type of wood that has a beautiful structure and is characterized by its light weight. The shutters are beautifully painted, making them easy to clean.

The wooden shutters contribute to good acoustics and a warm appearance. We make them completely custom made for you in your desired style and/or color.

For shutters, come to Senft

Senft likes to think along with you in your choice of shutters. We help you with the size, style and color. You can count on our experience, which we have built up as a family business since 1878.

You can view various examples and applications in our showroom. Therefore take Contact contact us and we will help you. Because with the right shutters you can enjoy your home more.

children play behind senft shutters