Twist roller blinds

The ideal balance of twist roller blinds

Ingenious with simple optimal control over privacy, atmosphere and daylight. This is the best way to describe twist roller blinds. They form the ideal balance between decoration and functionality. With twist roller blinds you can vary endlessly with light and privacy. The twist roller blind is actually a double roller blind† Two webs of fabric rotate past each other, which can be set in a certain position. You can then play with the amount of light you let through. In this way you also retain control over the degree of privacy. You can tailor twist roller blinds to your taste, so that you always find a set that matches your home and interior.

Twist roller blinds with an exclusive touch

There are many variations of twist curtains possible. Below the Luxaflex twist roller blind you will find an extensive collection of exclusive fabrics with contemporary styles, colors and transparencies. The silky fabrics and cloths with woven metallic threads provide an even more chic look. The two different types of fabric strips make this awning more or less robust.

You can make twist roller blinds look neat down to the last detail. You can tuck them away in a beautiful cassette, fitted with a design control and finish with round end caps at the bottom slat.

Some of the fabrics are flame retardant† Twist roller blinds are very useful for kitchens, bedrooms and other fire-hazardous and vulnerable areas.

Senft, the specialist in twist roller blinds

Senft has turned out to be the specialist in the field of indoor and outdoor solar shading. As a family business, we have built up a strong reputation through our long history. Our Senft team knows what they are talking about and will help you find suitable twist roller blinds.

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