Brustor is a specialist in sun protection and sun protection alone. That's what makes them so unique. All the energy of the entire Brustor team goes into finding the right solutions for your sun protection. The Brustor TV Campaign can now be seen on RTL4, RTL7 and RTL8.

Many people prefer to spend as much time outside as possible, regardless of the weather conditions. brustor offers the perfect solution for these outdoor people: a patio cover produced to measure for your home and wishes. This way you can enjoy the outdoors all year round, four seasons long.

At a pergola with a louvered roof you dose the incidence of light and sunlight yourself by tilting or closing the slats. If you choose the Brustor B600 you can also slide the slats completely open. Depending on where you want to create shade, either an attached roof to the house or a free-standing construction in the garden is a suitable solution. With an attached patio roof, you create an extra outdoor space, as it were, an extension of the home. To cover larger areas, patio roofs can even be linked in length or width.

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Senft Zonwering, the specialist in Haarlem, Amsterdam and the surrounding area for generations. Since 1878, this family business has been known for its service, quality and sustainability. It is not without reason that we were recently named the second best company in the Netherlands in our industry. We also have a dream for the future, but we prefer to realize yours.

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