Shutters are a stylish addition to your interior all year round!

Winter and summer window decoration.

Shutters not only give a stylish look to your interior, they are also ideal for maintaining warmth in your home during the cold winter months. With their insulating effect, they make a positive contribution to the environment and to your wallet. A win-win situation! The unique aspect of custom shutters lies in the ability to have them manufactured to the precise dimensions and specifications of your windows. This not only means a perfect fit, but also seamless integration into your interior, giving every room a personalized look.

Moreover, they immediately bring a cozy atmosphere into your home. But make no mistake, shutters don't just shine in winter. As spring arrives and temperatures rise, these versatile window treatments provide the perfect solution for regulating light and creating a comfortable temperature in your home. With the adjustable slats you can easily adjust the amount of sunlight you let in. This way you have control over the light and shade all year round.

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Shutter details

Always tailor-made.

Looking for shutters for a bathroom window, tilt-and-turn window or 'straight window'? Our attractive shutters always fit, from a small triangle window in the attic to a bay window or wide sliding doors in the living room. Customized window decoration is always standard for us, regardless of the brand Jasno as Luxaflex. These shutters are not only functional, but also add a touch of elegance to your interior. The ability to improve the appearance of your windows while enjoying the insulating benefits makes custom shutters a valuable investment for any home. Choose custom shutters and discover a world of possibilities where functionality and style come together to provide unparalleled aesthetics and comfort in your home.


More light for more atmosphere.

This product is available in different slat sizes: S (63mm), M (76mm), L (89mm) and XL (114mm). Thanks to the slats, you can easily play with light and privacy, as it were. You can open or close the slats in one action. And you can easily adjust the slats to the correct position so that no view is possible from outside. Handy for windows facing the street or in the bathroom.

Shutters are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer functional benefits, especially in colder seasons. Here are some reasons why shutters can help maintain warmth in your home:

  • Insulation: Shutters can help regulate the temperature in your home by providing an additional barrier between the window and the inside of the room. This can help reduce heat loss and keep the outside cold out.
  • Energy efficiency: Due to their insulating properties, shutters can help reduce the need for constant heating. This can result in lower energy bills as you are less dependent on heating systems to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
  • Sustainability: Because shutters help keep heat in, they reduce the need for continuous heating, which can in turn reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the long term, this can have a positive impact on the environment by reducing energy consumption.
  • Flexibility: Shutters can be adjusted to let in or keep out light and heat, depending on needs and weather conditions. This level of control over the amount of natural light and heat that comes in can help create a comfortable and cozy living environment.

In short, using shutters as part of your interior can be both an aesthetic and practical choice, especially in the winter months, by contributing to energy savings, preserving heat and reducing the impact on the environment.

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