Handy insulating sun protection inside.

Window coverings down, energy bill down.

It is becoming increasingly important to deal with energy sustainably, for which insulating sun protection is the solution. The days are getting colder and now we would like to turn the heating up nice and high. Unfortunately, with current energy prices, that is not the best choice. Have you ever thought about insulating window decoration? This keeps the cold out and the heat in: a must-have for the cold winter months. With this window decoration you also make a sustainable choice, win-win!

insulating sun protection inside
Insulating sun protection indoors – Sunway Duette Shades blackout.

Sun protection is functional and attractive, as well as insulating sun protection outside.

With the right window decoration you can make your house extra attractive, especially during the dark days in winter. Curl up on the couch with a book and a good glass of wine and immerse yourself in the atmosphere around you. Window decoration also has an insulating effect, so the cold stays outside and the heat stays in. But you can still benefit from it even in the summer shades and blinds by keeping out the heat and toning down the glare of the bright daylight. That makes your window decoration not only very attractive, but also functional and energy-saving.

Exclusive collections and inspired innovations.

Luxaflex has become such a household name over the years that the brand name actually stands for the product group: everything that has to do with window decoration is Luxaflex. Market leadership also entails a number of expectations. And we're not just talking about functional innovations. They also set an example in the field of sustainability, for example. Let yourself be informed about what is possible, you will be amazed which insulating sun protection can be used indoors.

Indoor sun protection – Luxaflex Duette Shades blackout and translucent.

Save energy with window coverings.

How do I save energy with dynamic sun protection? The insulating secret of indoor sun protection lies in the two layers of fabric that together form a closed honeycomb structure. The special cell structure creates a stationary layer of air that has an insulating effect. This makes your home more energy efficient that matches any decor. Also available in a blackout version especially for the bedroom. Insulating sun protection indoors is increasingly being used and we know the ideal solution for your home. There are plenty of different color options available in all the beautiful collection books.

Insulating sun protection indoors – Luxaflex Duette Shades with electrical control through Powerview.

Good window decoration is the finishing touch.

If you do spend more hours indoors, make it as atmospheric and comfortable as possible. What is sometimes overlooked is the influence of light. That really sets the mood. You can do a lot with them not only with candles and lighting, but also with the incidence of light. And then we haven't even mentioned the beauty with which you can influence all that. curtains, shutters, blinds or shades, these are just a few examples that can greatly determine the atmosphere in your home. And where a lot of window decoration in the past was only functional, it has only become more beautiful over the years.

Sun protection tailor-made especially for you.

Beautiful colours, brilliant materials and a perfect fit. With your window decoration you can create any atmosphere, from functional or business to warm and romantic. It has become a real art that can rightly be called the finishing touch of your home. With the shifting of the seasons, we also know that we are gradually moving in a little more. The days are getting shorter and fresher. The evenings are longer and the cocoon position is ready again. Let's have fun again. Durable window decoration it has been around for years and is now one of the best solutions.

Indoor solar shading – Sunway Duette Shades also for the greenhouse.

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