Enjoy perfect heat and light management all year round. This smart solution maintains a constant temperature in your room during all seasons and contributes to energy savings. The unique strength lies in the two layers of fabric that form a closed honeycomb structure. This special cell structure creates a stagnant layer of air that provides excellent insulation. This not only makes your home more energy efficient, but this solution fits in with any interior style.

3 Duette Shades Highlight

  1. Sound dampening and energy saving.
  2. Available in three transparencies with stylish patterns and colours.
  3. Suitable for turn-tilt windows, skylights and conservatories.

Beautiful Design, Ingenious Protection

In summer, duette shades act as an effective barrier against the heat of the sun shining in. The Top-Down Bottom-Up system is ideally suited for optimal privacy and flexible light regulation. It is particularly useful for windows where privacy is important.

This system offers the opportunity to style each window individually, while maintaining consistency in the appearance of the room. In addition, duette shades offer protection against harmful UV radiation, preventing discoloration of your interior.


Discover the Top Down Bottom Up Functionality

The Top Down Bottom Up function in window treatments, such as Duette Shades, offers a versatile approach to managing light and privacy. This functionality allows you to move the window curtain from top to bottom or bottom to top, giving you control over how much light comes in while maintaining privacy. This allows you to enjoy natural light and the view at the top of the window while the bottom remains closed, or vice versa. This adaptability makes it a convenient and adaptable solution for different needs in any room.

improved operating style, functionality and safety

The SmartCord system uses a retractable cord control that allows you to easily raise and lower the window coverings using a cord. The defining aspect of SmartCord is its built-in safety feature that ensures the cord always remains at a constant length, eliminating loose cords that can be dangerous, especially in homes with children or pets.

SmartCord is designed for easy operation and enhanced safety, minimizing the use of traditional cords to prevent potential entanglement or choking hazards.

Duette Shades: Versatility, Darkening and Style

With duette shades you not only get the opportunity to completely darken your home, but they also offer a range of benefits that improve the overall quality of your living space. Their unique design, which does not contain any cord holes, prevents even the smallest amount of light from entering, allowing you to create perfect darkness when necessary.

These shades are equipped with a special aluminum coating on the inside, so they not only block light, but can also provide a remarkable improvement in the acoustics of a room. By reducing noise they help create a quieter and more comfortable environment, which is especially useful in areas where noise pollution can be a problem.

The versatility of these functional and attractive window treatments is one of the main reasons why they have been popular for quite some time. They fit seamlessly into different interior styles and at the same time offer a practical solution for both privacy and light regulation. Whether you are looking for total darkness for a good night's sleep or want to create a cozy atmosphere during a movie night, the duette shades easily adapt to your needs and enrich the aesthetics of your home.

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