luxaflex powerview

Luxaflex™ PowerView, for optimum user convenience

A revolutionary new system that automatically operates your window decoration at any time of your day. Determine your own settings and the new PowerView Motorization operating system Luxaflex™ does the rest. This system makes your life even more comfortable. When using the Luxaflex™ PowerView Motorisation, blinds can be operated with the PowerView™ App using your smartphone or with the Pebble™ remote control. This way you can create the perfect ambiance at your home at any time at the touch of a button. Operating your window decoration has never been easier.

Easy operation of the Luxaflex™ PowerView Motorisation

The easy-to-use Pebble™ remote control is at the heart of Powerview Motorisation. This allows you to control different window decorations with one action. You can also choose to operate an individual window decoration. With the Scene Controller you determine the moments when the window decoration opens and closes automatically. In addition to the Pebble™ remote control, the Luxaflex™ PowerView Motorization can be operated with the PowerView™ App on your tablet or smartphone. This app offers the possibility that window coverings automatically adjust to the rhythm of the user or, for example, to sunrise and sunset. The PowerView™ App works even when the user is away from home. Different scenes can be created per day and time and each window decoration can be set separately. Remote Connect enables operation even from abroad.

Would you like to know more about Luxaflex™ PowerView Motorisation?

Senft is happy to contribute to more comfort and convenience for window decoration users. That is why we focus on innovation. PowerView Motorization from Luxaflex™ fits perfectly within our philosophy. With PowerView Motorization from Luxaflex™, you don't have to worry about your window decoration. More questions about this operating system? Please rest assured Contact with us.

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