Silhouette Shades


Stylish Silhouette Shades transform harsh sunlight into pleasant natural light. The fabric slats seem to float between two transparent fabrics. By moving the fabric slats, any desired atmosphere can be created in the house. When you close the Silhouette Shades at night, you can enjoy even more privacy.

3 reasons to choose Silhouette Shades

  1. UV radiation is blocked
  2. Gives a nice diffused light
  3. Fits perfectly with any atmospheric interior


Luxaflex's advanced fabrics enhance natural light without obstructing the view. Do not fear that the incident light will discolour your furniture and wooden floors. The harsh effects of ultraviolet light are greatly reduced by the Silhouette Shades. The unique suncreen fabrics temper the sunlight, so that the heat emission is reduced by 25% and 99% of UV radiation is blocked when the shades are closed. This way, your entire interior remains protected.


Everything in the color palette of this window covering exudes sophistication. They are available in soft whites, pleasant grays or subtle natural earthy tones. The Silhouette Shades will look great in a classic interior, but also certainly in a modern interior. With brilliant metallic looks, high-quality threads and very fine transparencies, Luxaflex offers a wide range of fabrics with countless design options.

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