Vertical Blinds


Vertical slats are very suitable for sliding doors and large glass areas. Vertical blades are also the perfect choice for windows with different shapes such as bay windows, angled windows or corner windows. There is no product that combines functionality and atmosphere as well as Vertical Blinds. Vertical blinds provide optimum privacy when closed. When open, they provide a beautiful incidence of light and light filtering.

3 reasons to choose vertical blinds

  1. Different materials available such as textile, aluminum and plastic
  2. Available in fire retardant and antibacterial fabric
  3. Perfect solution for slanted windows


Wide range of different materials such as textile, aluminum and plastic. The high-quality materials each have their own functional and decorative properties. Technical screen fabrics are suitable for screen use and are therefore perfect for use in your work corner or home office. For example, a Topar coating ensures a high reflection of solar heat. Fabrics provided with Dustblock are antistatic, repel dirt and moisture and are easy to clean.


With our window coverings you control the entry of heat and light, so that your home becomes more energy efficient. Luxaflex uses responsible materials such as Cradle to Cradle Certified vertical slats made from 98% recycled aluminum. In addition Jasno swings ideal as a room divider in the living room, kitchen or office. Unique to these swings is that you can put the slats in different positions, creating a beautiful harmonious and surprising 3D effect. Perfect control of incoming light.

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