The constant innovation in which Renson excels makes his garden concepts the world's best for 'outdoor living'. With Renson Outdoor you are therefore opting for top-quality design that you can extend around the entire home. This way you create the ideal atmosphere all year round to fully enjoy the outdoors.

Renson Outdoor is a worldwide pioneer and trendsetter in 'outdoor living' concepts. All patio covers, carports, facade elements and garden elements fit in with the same look-and-feel and are characterized by durability, comfort and high quality. The founder of the famous zip screens† As the first sun protection screen of its kind in which the screen zips into 2 side guides when lowered, the wind resistance of this type of outdoor sun protection increased in one fell swoop. Done with the flapping and torn screen fabrics, long live fabric tension. The most efficient way against overheating indoors.

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