conservatory blinds

A conservatory awning PROTECTS YOUR GLASS conservatory

A conservatory offers extra living comfort. You can often read or work a little more quietly there. It's a shame if you can't do this anymore when the sun is shining. Because then the temperature in your conservatory can often rise. With conservatory blinds you prevent the worst heat. The product protects your interior and keeps your house cooler, so that you can enjoy your conservatory to the fullest.

3 main features of conservatory awnings

  1. Available with or without zipper guide
  2. Can be used on almost any conservatory, glass roofs or skylights
  3. The sun protection blocks harmful UV rays that discolour your furniture
Conservatory Blinds provide cooling


The conservatory awning mounted above provides a pleasantly shady spot, where you want to stay even on a sunny day. The sun protection is placed on the outside above your conservatory, glass roofs or skylights. The sunshade reduces heat development under the glass and ensures a comfortable temperature, even in summer. Virtually independent of the circumstances, the awning can be combined with almost any roof construction and is thus a real enrichment. In addition, the conservatory awning mounted below has a beautiful shape, slim and chic.


We have special elegant design models for you. Conservatory sun protection is possible with an extension as an option. It through Stobag and Brustor telescope system provides generous sun protection at the touch of a button. The awning fabrics are made in such a way that pleasant light always shines through and is available in numerous designs. The fabric offers effective protection against UV radiation in the sun. It doesn't just stop there, you can complement your screen with accessories. For example, the awning can be equipped with weather sensors, a tool that automatically extends the awning when the sun is shining and retracts it when it rains and winds.

Stobag conservatory awning from senft extension

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