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They bring atmosphere to the house, while they provide protection against bright sunlight indoors. They give your home a classic, baroque, modern or rural look.

You can not imagine whether we have a suitable indoor sun protection for you. How about wooden blinds, which give a warm and luxurious look. Or shutters for the bathroom. They give you the feeling that you are in a wellness area. Or else pleated or duet shades for non-standard windows, such as round, slanted, tilted and moving windows. And these are just a few examples.


You can be almost certain that you will find an indoor sun protection with us that matches your interior. The colors are endless: from warm pastels to stylish whites to beautiful metallics and ending with bright and lively hues. Executed in tasteful patterns and attractive and generous structures. In materials such as wood, silk and fabric.

You can control the atmosphere, the incidence of light and the amount of privacy with interior blinds. Whether you choose manual operation or automatic operation, you can completely adjust your living environment to your own liking.

We can supply interior blinds in the size you require. It is custom made and assembled by professionals.


Senft knows what it's talking about when it comes to indoor sun protection. Since 1878, this family business has been known for its service, quality and sustainability. We know exactly which indoor sun protection suits your home, restaurant or office.

Curious about the countless options? take it easy Contact with us. Because with good indoor sun protection you keep the sun out and you bring the atmosphere inside.