Vertical Blinds at an Office Building

vertical blinds at the Afvalzorg Office Building. With blinds, people often think of protecting against the sun or darkening the rooms. Yet Senft offers much more than that. Whether it concerns insect screens, slats, shutters, complete glass conservatories or sheltered terraces, there is a tailor-made solution for every situation. Due to the various products from Luxaflex, among others, we always work with state-of-the-art products, tailored to the personal needs of the customer, always considering function, beauty and budget.


Senft Zonwering is a family business and has been providing the best quality in outdoor and indoor sun protection for five generations since it was founded in 1878.

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Senft the specialist in sun protection since 1878

We are official Luxaflex Gallery Dealer, Sunway Exposure Store and Jasno Select Dealer† This collaboration ensures that we are aware of the latest developments and that our advisors and technicians have the required knowledge. We have the most current sun protection products in our showroom, visit us quickly.

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