Somfy Smart Home makes your life easier

Want to send out the blinds before you come home? Wherever you are? With the wireless Somfy Smart Home you can remotely control your blinds with playful ease. It makes your life even more comfortable.

Innovation takes sun protection to a higher level. With the Somfy Smart Home system, you can control the sun protection automatically. You can activate the sun protection using a tablet, smartphone, remote control or fully automatically. You can program the applications to your habits and lifestyle. Somfy Smart Home is ideal for when you are not at home.

Somfy Smart Home: widely applicable

You can apply the Somfy Smart Home system to many types of sun protection. Like inside with blinds, roller blinds and Pleated Shades† Or outside awnings, Screens and patio screens to serve with. But garage doors, windows, fences and heating also fall within this system. You can control your lighting with it in one simple step when you leave the house.

Thanks to radio technology, all applications are controlled by floors and walls. You also don't have to purchase an expensive cabling system, because Somfy Smart Home works completely wirelessly.

You can always expand the Somfy Smart Home system step by step and provide your entire house with it. This way you make optimal use of your home and modern technology, you save energy, and you always come home to a wonderfully cool house.

Senft tells you everything about Somfy Smart Home

With Somfy Smart Home, Senft proves that it is moving with the times. While this family business has its origins in 1878. Since then we have been engaged in within- and outdoor awning† Our staff therefore has the necessary knowledge and experience.

Do you want to know more? Please contact us. Or visit our showroom. With Somfy Smart Home you create the house of the future.

About us

Senft Zonwering, the specialist in Haarlem, Amsterdam and the surrounding area for generations. Since 1878, this family business has been known for its service, quality and sustainability. It is not without reason that we were recently named the second best company in the Netherlands in our industry. We also have a dream for the future, but we prefer to realize yours.

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