SUNWAY® Duette® Color on Demand Shades in 800 shades

Duette Shades Senft

SUNWAY® introduces a unique new collection: Duette® Color on Demand Shades, available in over 800 colours!

The concept is very simple:
The fabric quality of this collection is available in translucent and blackout quality.
The presentation box contains a color fan with more than 800 color samples. You choose the color that best suits your interior.
We have selected 48 colors from the more than 800 colors. These 48 colors are printed on both the translucent and the blackout fabric quality. This will give you a good impression of how the color of the sample will ultimately look on both fabric qualities.
The fabric samples are bundled in swatches.
The sample swatches are divided into natural colours, trend colours, dark colors and bright colours.
The Duette® Shades are always white on the back, for a uniform appearance from the outside.

New pleat width: 45 mmThe pleat width is also new and unique: 45 mm. This is a nice addition to the existing collection with 25 mm, 32 mm and 64 mm pleat width.

Covered top rail and bottom rail
The top rail and bottom bar are covered as standard with the same fabric as that of the Duette® Shade, so that the hardware is fully integrated into the product.
Optionally, a white aluminum top rail and bottom rail can be chosen.

Operating modesThere are different operating modes:

Endless cord controlThe Duette® Color on Demand Shade is supplied with Endless cord control as standard.
This is also available in the popular Top Down/Bottom Up version.

LiteRise® operationLiteRise® is a child-resistant model, operated by means of a handle on the bottom bar.
LiteRise® is also available in the popular Top Down/Bottom Up version.

PowerTouch control with 8V battery in the top railThe cordless PowerTouch control has a motor that is powered by an integrated battery pack.
Operation is by means of a plastic rod with push button operation. With one push of a button, the product moves up or down or to the desired intermediate position (click & walk away). The motor can be easily charged by connecting the supplied charger in the handle.

Simplicity Motor operation with 8V battery in the top railThe Simplicity Motor is powered by an integrated battery pack. Operation is via a 5-channel radio-controlled (RF) remote control. This allows you to easily control multiple products with one remote control.
This new collection of Duette® Color on Demand Shades offers so many possibilities that there is a suitable color and operating method for every interior.

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Senft Zonwering, the specialist in Haarlem, Amsterdam and the surrounding area for generations. Since 1878, this family business has been known for its service, quality and sustainability. It is not without reason that we were recently named the second best company in the Netherlands in our industry. We also have a dream for the future, but we prefer to realize yours.

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