Weinor KUBATA cubistic cassette screen

The Weinor exhibition highlight patio awning KUBATA, the new cubic cassette awning, available with integrated dimmable LED lighting. Soon available with us. Beautiful in combination with the Tempura Quadra patio heater. The Tempura heating system provides a pleasant warmth, which makes it possible to sit outside on cool days and evenings. The state-of-the-art, safe system in which the maximum heat capacity is reached after 2 seconds after switching on and 90 to 95% of the electrical energy is converted into heat.

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Senft Zonwering, the specialist in Haarlem, Amsterdam and the surrounding area for generations. Since 1878, this family business has been known for its service, quality and sustainability. It is not without reason that we were recently named the second best company in the Netherlands in our industry. We also have a dream for the future, but we prefer to realize yours.

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